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Cancer Wellness

Whether you have been recently diagnosed, currently undergoing treatment, are a survivor, or just looking to do all you can to limit your possibility of cancer, this is the step for you.

Midlife Wellness

What if midlife did not mean a “battle” with our bodies that seems impossible to win? What if instead, we took our varying hormones and used them to win the battle? You CAN beat ​menopause–I sure am–and I am going to show you how, too!

Other Wellness Concerns

Nearly all of my clients have a special health need, needs that aren’t or can’t be met at regular gyms, including joint replacement and chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Lupus, PCOS,  arthritis and auto-immune disorders. There is no “cookie cutter, one workout fits all. From functional aging to mobility and beyond, let’s explore together the program that is right for you.

Hey there, I'm Beth!

Beth Ann Dice


Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness, cancer or are a cancer survivor and needing support to just feel good again? Then we need to meet!

As a Women’s Wellness and Cancer Exercise Specialist, I have helped cancer survivors and women with chronic illness gain their mobility back and take back their mental health with customized programs for each client as well as working alongside their medical team.

My specialized certification gives me ample insight into all stages of the treatment and healing process that addresses not just the physical, but mindset as well. Working with me has been has been described as the most sublime warm hug you will ever experience.

When I’m not supporting my clients, you can find me in something sparkly, furry or animal print (sometimes all three!), enjoying live music and laughing inappropriately at the most bizarre things

Here is Just a Sampling of What Other Women, Women Just Like You, Had to Say After Investing in Themselves With Me

Questions Members Asked

I get it, I understand that you will have good days and not so good days. I suffered for years with side-effects of chronic illness myself. Where possible we will work together to reschedule, or I can add any missed session on to the end of your package. There is no penalty for a cancelled session–even if you cancel at our meeting time.

Absolutely! Guests are always welcome. Where possible, just let me know in advance so that I can be properly prepared. All guests will need to sign a release and follow all in studio procedures

My Promise to You

I want every client to be 110% pleased to work with me, whether we are working 1 to 1, in a group class or a special program.

If you don’t feel successful, I don’t want your money! My promise to you is that if you have done the work, and/or followed the program protocols and you aren’t satisfied, I will give you you’re money back!

If you find yourself less than 110% pleased, just let me know! I will work with you to exceed your expectations, even if this means referring you to another coach.

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Wellness News You Can Actually Use!

Each week you will get Monday Motivation and Mindset then on Friday’s I will be back with an area of Focus or some Food Fun! It’s not “Well that is great, Beth, but I could never do a burpee or spend all day Sunday in the kitchen making a week’s worth of tasteless fish and broccoli.” This is “real life stuff for real women”.

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