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Feel like you have tried every program out there but not seeing the long-term results you had hoped for? Not sure where to begin? Bored with your current program? Looking to try something new? I offer programs for all fitness levels with guided eating plans in my private studio, from the comfort of your home, or wherever you may be!

Program Options include: 6 Week “Hormone Boss”(intermediate), 8 Week “Get Bad Ass with Beth”(intermediate to advanced) and my newest 3 week program “Hormone Harmony“(just getting (re)started), plus custom options!

Learn How To Lose Weight, Balance Your Hormones & Get Your Energy Back Quickly

without spending hours in the gym feeling like you are abusing your joints or taking “magical potions”, all while still eating your favorite foods. 

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Here is Just a Sampling of What Other Women, Women Just Like You, Had to Say After Investing in Themselves With Me

My Promise to You

I want every client to be 110% pleased to work with me, whether we are working 1 to 1, in a group class or a special program.

If you don’t feel successful, I don’t want your money! My promise to you is that if you have done the work, and/or followed the program protocols and you aren’t satisfied, I will give you you’re money back!

If you find yourself less than 110% pleased, just let me know! I will work with you to exceed your expectations, even if this means referring you to another coach.

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Wellness News You Can Actually Use!

Each week you will get Monday Motivation and Mindset then on Friday’s I will be back with an area of Focus or some Food Fun! It’s not “Well that is great, Beth, but I could never do a burpee or spend all day Sunday in the kitchen making a week’s worth of tasteless fish and broccoli.” This is “real life stuff for real women”.

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